Categories & Criteria

The categories for the HFM European Services Awards 2023 were developed in consultation with the sector to ensure they are representative of the broad and fast moving nature of hedge fund services and solutions.


The criteria the judges looked for:

Commercial success and business growth
Demonstration of product or service innovation
Description of future product or service development possibilities
Positive customer feedback via submitted testimonials


Best administrator – overall

Best administrator – alternative credit

Best administrator – client service

Best administrator – middle-office services

Best administrator – start up and emerging funds

Best administrator – technology

Best advisory firm – client service

Best advisory firm – alternative credit

Best advisory firm – regulation and compliance

Best cash management/treasury services

Best digital assets custodian

Best digital assets provider

Best executive search

Best marketing and communications consultancy

Best outsourced provider

Best outsourced trading provider

Best insurance provider

Best data provider

Best data management solution

Best regtech solution

Best regulatory reporting solution

Best regulatory hosting solution

Best cloud technology – smaller managers

Best cloud technology solution

Best cyber-security service

Best tech infrastructure provider

Best managed service provider

Best risk management technology

Best tax advisor

Best portfolio management software provider

Best fund accounting and reporting software

Best fund administrator – alternative credit

Best technology firm – client service

Best technology firm – innovation

Best technology firm – overall

Best hedge fund platform

Best UCITS platform

Best managed account platform

Best law firm – client service

Best law firm – alternative credit

Best onshore law firm

Best offshore law firm

Best prime broker – boutique

Best prime broker – emerging markets

Best prime broker – overall

Best innovation in ESG

Best valuations firm for hard to value assets