Ensuring excellence is rewarded

Judging fairly and rewarding excellence for any awards, carrying out fair, consistent, and accurate judging is key to ensuring the true winners are recognised. To deliver this, we assembled a diverse judging panel comprising of leading CIOs, senior directors and managing directors from allocators and investors. The judges were split into groups depending on their expertise. Everything we do is to ensure we leave no stone unturned in recognizing and rewarding the highest achieving hedge funds, CTAs, and funds of hedge funds (FoHFs) in the US. 


The With Intelligence HFM US Performance Awards were judged by a panel made up of leading institutional and private investors and investment consultants.

Judges focused on absolute performance as well as standard deviation of returns and outperformance of the relevant With Intelligence benchmark index. They also took into consideration the relative AuM, 1, 3 and 5-year track-records, nature of the investment strategy, other supporting materials and professional knowledge they have about shortlisted funds to come to their decisions.

This methodology aimed to reflect how institutional investors assess hedge fund performance in their allocation decisions in the real world.

The judges and HFM staff had discretionary power to move submissions into alternative categories that they believe to be more suitable, or to disqualify entries.

Each member of the judging panel had an equal weight in choosing the winners in each category they are assigned. Please note:

All judges were required to sign a disclaimer form to ensure that information about entries and the final winners remained confidential.

2022 Judging Panel

Anthony Novara
CFA, Principal, Research Director - Global Hedge Fund Strategies & Capital Markets
DiMeo Schneider & Associates
Art Vinokur
Brenden McCarty
Column E Advisors LLC
Brett Horton
Chief Investment Officer
Paris-Roubaix Group
Brian Clark
Investment Director
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Clark Cheng
Chief Investment Officer
Merrimac Corp
Dev Singhvi
Diversifying Alternatives Research
Eric Newman
Treasury Manager
City of Stamford
Kristin Mott
Amberlake Capital
Leo Svoboda
CRA, FRM, Managing Director, Head of Liquid Alternatives
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Norman Kilajian