2022 Nominations

The first round of nominations for the With Intelligence HFM Asian Performance Awards 2022 has now been released. A huge congratulations to everyone who has made the list.

To be included in the nomination process, funds must list their data on the HFM Database and have updated their figures for the performance period. All funds that wish to be considered for the second round of nominations, must have updated their July performance data by 2 September 2022.

To list your fund complete this form and return to Hafsa Ali at hafsa.ali@withintelligence.com.

Arbitrage (Arbitrage & Relative Value)

Aravali Asset Management 
Aravali Global Arbitrage Fund
Enhanced Investment Products
E.I.P China Convertible Bond Fund
Epic Partners Investments
Prowess of Japan Fund

Arbitrage (Quant & Market Neutral)

Amber Hill Capital
Amber Hill ES Currency Arbitrage Fund
Marshall Wace Asia
MW Japan Market Neutral Fund
Regal Funds Management
Regal Tasman Market Neutral

Asia ex Japan

RAYS Capital Partners
Asian Equity Special Opportunities Portfolio
Limestone Platform
Kenno Asia Top Picks Fund
PYN Fund Management
PYN Elite Fund

Asia inc Japan    

Aurigin Capital Management
Aurigin Master Fund
Pangolin Investment Management
Pangolin Asia Fund
Aims Asset Management
Panah Fund

Australian Equity  

Allan Gray Australia
Allan Gray Australia Stable Fund
Totus Alpha Management
Totus Alpha Fund
Watermark Funds Management
Watermark Absolute Return Fund

Chinese Equity 

Ariose Capital Management
Ariose China Growth Offshore Fund
Golden Pine Asset Management
Golden Pine Fund
Value Star Asset Management
WIM Global Fund

Fixed Income, High Yield & Distressed  

Alexander Funds Management
Alexander Credit Opportunities Fund
Aura Funds Management
Aura High Yield SME Fund
GaoTeng Global Asset Management
GaoTeng Emerging Markets Plus Long/Short Fixed Income Alpha Fund
Realm Investment House
Realm Strategic Income Fund - Enduring Units

Global Equity  

Bronte Capital Management
Bronte Capital Amalthea Fund
Sage Capital
CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund
Marshall Wace Asia
Marshall Wace - MW Global Financials Market Neutral Fund
UG Investment Advisers
UG Hidden Dragon Special Opportunity Fund

Indian Equity  

Atyant Capital Management
Atyant Capital India Fund
Avendus Capital Alternate Strategies Public Markets
Avendus Absolute Return Fund
Right Horizons Financial Services
Right Horizons Minerva Fund - India Underserved

Japanese Equity    

Arcus Investment
Arcus Zensen Fund
Nomura Asset Management
Nomura Japanese Equity Market Neutral - Dual Alpha Strategy
Simplex Asset Management
Simplex Oyako Fund
Tokai Tokyo Investment Management
Tokai Tokyo Japan Phoenix Fund


Astignes Capital Asia
Astignes Asia Rates Master Fund
Bright Stream Capital Management
Bright Stream Macro Fund
Lighthouse Canton
LC Beacon Global Fund
Southern Ridges Capital
Southern Ridges Macro Fund

Managed Futures, Commodities and FX  

GCI Asset Management
GCI Systematic Macro Strategy
Systematica Investments
Systematica China Markets Fund
RCMA Capital
The Merchant Commodity Fund

Multi Strategy 

Amber Hill Capital
Amber Hill Fin-Tech Algorithmic Fund
City Credit Investment Bank
Asian Strategic Orient Fund
Caygan Capital
Caygan Japan Hybrids
Epic Partners Investments
Epic Valiant Fund 
L1 Capital Global
L1 Capital Global Opportunities Fund
Longchamp Absolute Return Unit Trust Fund

Single Country  

Asia Frontier Capital
AFC Vietnam Fund
Brooker Dunn Asset Advisory
Brooker Sukhothai Fund
Cheetah Investment Management
Cheetah Korea Value Fund

Specialist Finance & Credit  

Lakefront Asset Management
Lakefront No 7 China Credit Fund
OCP Asia
Orchard Landmark
Siegfried Asset Management
VTeam Siegfried Supply Chain Finance Fund
Skybound Capital
The Prism Income Fund

Emerging Manager – Smaller Fund (US$10M – US$50M)

APSEC Funds Management
Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund
Goldleaf Australian Asset Management
Goldleaf Australian Income Fund
Hong Capital Management Group
HCM Rapier Fund
Metrica Partners
Metrica Asia Event Driven Master Fund
Penco Supply Chain Finance Fund Company
Penco Supply Chain Finance Fund
Ternary Fund Management
Ternary Cypress Fund

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