2024 Nominations

The first round of nominations for the HFM APAC Performance Awards 2024 have now been released. The final nominations will be announced in July.

To ensure you are considered for the final round, please ensure you have submitted your end-March data to the With Intelligence platform by 31 May. Find out more about listing your data here.

For 2024, we have introduced 3 new categories uniquely open to entries from hedge fund firms that have a significant presence in the region. The entry deadline for these categories is 31 May so enter now.

  • Global manager - Equity Strategies
  • Global manager - Macro, Futures, Fixed Income & RV
  • Global manager - Multi-strategy

First Round Nominations

Asian Equity

Ascender Global Value Fund
Ascender Capital

Aurigin Fund
Aurigin Capital Management

FengHe Asia Fund
FengHe Fund Management

Panah Fund
Seraya Investment

Zentrum Asia Opportunity Fund
Zentrum Capital Management

Asian Equity (Exc. Japan)

AHAM Select Dividend Fund 
AHAM Asset Management 

Cheetah Kora Value Fund
ANDA Asset Management

NTAsian Discovery Fund

Australian Equity

Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund 
Auscap Asset Management

QVG Long Short Fund
QVG Capital

Regal Australian Small Companies Fund
Regal Funds Management 

Chinese Equity

First Beijing First China Fund
First Beijing Investment

Horizon China Fund
HD Capital

OP New Economy Growth Fund 
Oscar and Partners Capital

WIM Global Fund 
Value Star Asset Management


Aura High Yield SME Fund
Aura Funds Management

Merricks Capital Agriculture Credit Fund
Merricks Capital

Realm Strategic Income Fund
Realm Investments

VTeam Siegfried Supply Chain Finance Fund
Siegfried Asset Management

Digital Assets

DigitalX Bitcoin Fund

Elite SPC - Fore Elite Flagship Fund 
Fore Elite Capital Management

Pythagoras Token Fund
Pythagoras Investment Management

The Portal Radiance Multi-Strategy Fund 
Portal Asset Management

Emerging Manager - Smaller Fund - Equity Strategies

AFC Asia Frontier Fund 
Asia Frontier Capital

Alchemy India Long Term Fund 
Alchemy Investment Management

Black Crane Asia Pacific Opportunities Fund 
Black Crane Investment Management

Inception Asia Alpha Fund 
Inception Asia Investments

Oriental Harbor Investment Fund 
Oriental Harbor Investment Management

SageOne India Growth Fund 
Lighthouse Canton

SLG International Opportunities
Stanley-Laman Group

Emerging Manager - Smaller Funds - Macro, Futures, Fixed Income & RV

HCM Rapier Fund 
Hong Investment Advisors

Huobi Multi Strategy Crypto Fund 
Huobi Asset Management

Quantos Global Fund
Quantos Capital

R Squared Global
Gordian Capital

Event Driven

LIM Japan Event Fund 
LIM Advisors

Metrica Asia Event Driven Master Fund 
Metrica Partners

Simplex Value Up Strategy
Simplex Asset Management

Fund of Hedge Funds

ATAF Sub Fund 
Nanjia Capital

Kai Capital
Kai Capital 

Persistent Edge Asia Partners Master Fund
Persistent Asset Partners

Global Equity (Above $500m)

Marshall Wace - MW Global Opportunities Fund 
Marshall Wace Asia

Munro Concentrated Global Growth Fund
Munro Partners
PM Capital Global Companies Fund
PM Capital  

Global Equity (Below $500m)

FengHe Opportunities Fund
FengHe Fund Management

L1 Capital International Fund
L1 Capital International 

Nikko AM Wholesale Global Equity Hedged Fund
Nikko Asset Management

Platinum International Technology Fund
Platinum Asset Management

Indian Equity

Alpha Alternatives Equity Absolute Return Strategy 
Alpha Alternatives Fund Advisors

Atyant Capital India Fund 
Atyant Capital Management

First Water India Fund
First Water Capital

India Insight Value Fund
Fair Value Capital Management

Karma Wealth Builder
Karma Capital Advisors

Japanese Equity

Japan-Up Unit Trust 
Strategic Capital

Sector Zen Fund
Sector Asset Management

Simplex Oyako Strategy  
Simplex Asset Management

SPARX Japan Long-Short Fund
SPARX Asia Capital Management

VPL - I Trust 
UMJ Singapore

Long Term (5 years) - Equity Strategies

Alpha Alternatives Equity Absolute Return Strategy 
Alpha Alternatives Fund Advisors

Atyant Capital India Fund 
Atyant Capital Management

Hornbill Orchid India Fund 
Hornbill Capital Advisers

Japan-Up Unit Trust
Strategic Capital

OP New Economy Growth Fund 
Oscar and Partners Capital

WIM Global Fund
Value Star Asset Management

Long term (5 years) - Macro, Futures, Fixed Income & RV

AVM Global Opportunity Fund
AVM Capital

Eagle China Fund
Eagle Labs Capital

LHG Premium Investments Fund 
LHG Capital Management

Quantedge Global Fund 

Long Term (5 Years) - Multi-strategy

Aleutian Fund
Caygan Capital

GCI Japan Hybrids
Caygan Capital

GVA Fortress-A 
GVA Asset Management

L1 Capital Global Opportunities Fund
L1 Capital 

Prospective Globe Fund 
Shengqi Capital

Macro (Above $500m)

Arete Macro Fund 
Ocean Arete

Astignes Asia Rates Master Fund
Astignes Capital

LHG Premium Investments Fund 
Asia LHG Capital Management

Quantedge Global Fund 

Macro (Below $500m)

AVM Global Opportunity Fund
AVM Capital

LC Beacon Global Fund
Lighthouse Canton

Managed Futures 

Eagle China Fund
Eagle Labs Capital

GCI Systematic Macro Strategy 
GCI Asset Management

Sinopac Multi Strategy Quant Fund 
SinoPac Asset Management


AHAM Select Opportunity Fund
AHAM Asset Management

Aleutian Fund 
Caygan Capital

CP Multi-Strategy Fund  

CP Global Asset Management

WaterValley Partners
WaterValley Capital Management

New Fund of The Year

ActusRayPartners Asian Alpha Strategy

Astera Long/Short Credit Fund 
Astera Capital Partners

Lakefront Four Season Balanced Fund
Lakefront Asset Management

Quant Equity

Nipun Asia Total Return Fund
Nipun Capital

OQ Asia Absolute Alpha Fund 
OQ Funds Management

Regal Investment Fund
Regal Funds Management

Sino Vision Market Neutral Fund 
Grand Alliance Asset Management

Relative Value

Abans Global Arbitrage Opportunities Fund
Abans Investment Managers

Amber Hill GO Fund SPC - Amber Hill Absolute Return Fund 
Water Wood Capital Management

Greenland Global Fund II
Greenland Investment Management


Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Portfolio
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

iMGP Japan Opportunities Fund 
iM Global Partner Asset Management

India Acorn ICAV - Ashoka India Opportunities Fund
White Oak Capital Partners

Kotak Funds: India Midcap Fund 
FundRock Management Company

Nippon Growth Fund 
E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management

Zennor Japan Fund 
Zennor Asset Management

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